Pamuzinda Theatre Productions, for the best in traditional music, dance and drama

The members are writing their own productions ranging from health awareness, human rights, social, economical and political plays. Given any theme, Pamuzinda can produce any play of any acquired length. Since 1990 Pamuzinda has produced a lot of plays like the following.

Pamuzinda Theatre Productions, for the best in traditional music dance and drama

A Musical, Dance and Poetry Production showing the seasons of a year with their typical activities in the Shona culture.

"Verses of Satanism"

In the world of today and this time of economical hardship, political and religious leaders plus the top brass in the non-governmental organisations are doung unlawfull things for money and power. They are implementing in human policies, only for their advantage but the majority is on the suffering end. All these are presented in a church that praises and worships Satan. The events of the play are real but the setting is in a satanic church based on your own imagination.

"Why Me?"

Story about women rights.

"Mr Wendel"

A story of a blind man whose life is confined to the streets.

"Not Yet Uhuru"

We are not yet free, based on Equal Rights and Justice for the people.

"Bad Attitude"

Based on the life of unfair trial in prison

"Imi Amai"

About a cruel mother who teaches bad habits to her children which later led to the destruction of the family

"Mad City"

An educational play for the youth who indulge in the usage of deadly drugs.

"Kuita Kwako"

An AIDS Awareness Production


It's a story based on Codza's life as a street kid in Harare after the devorce of his parents.


A girl was raped on her way from school, she gave birth to Mandla a boy and Melissa a girl. She later got married, guess who she got married to?